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Trump’s Next Tax Cuts

President Trump is proposing a follow-up tax cutting bill for 2018. Momentum for cutting taxes is high right now, and Congress should jump on this opportunity.

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2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act – Early Results Are In

Early in 2017, President Trump announced his intention to introduce a package of significant tax cuts for all Americans. It is now July, and the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 has been law for over a half year. What actually passed, who was affected, and what have been the effects of the changes?

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Investing During Inflationary Times

Simply put, inflation is on the rise. What are savvy investors doing to keep up during a period such as this? There are viable assets which help position a portfolio to respond positively as inflation marches along.

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Inflation: In Praise of the "Chapwood Index"

Simply put, inflation is on the rise. Placing more money in circulation without proportionate increases in GDP results in less actual value per dollar. Understanding inflation can help investors cope with the declining standard of living experienced by far too many older Americans.

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Postcard Tax Form - Simplification?

For years, politicians across the spectrum have touted “tax simplification” as one of their reform goals. Many have gone so far as to claim that most Americans should be able to file their annual tax returns “on a postcard.” For just as many years, I have laughed in their faces, but now they claim we will be able to do exactly that next year. But will it really simplify anything?

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A "Growing" Market

Twenty years ago, California became the first state to legalize medical marijuana. From that foothold, despite being illegal at a federal level, the marijuana industry is working to become part of mainstream America. Because of the potential profits involved, it won’t be long before the industry is a part of Wall Street, too. The