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Coming Soon to A City Near You: Universal Basic Income

The UBI test project will give several families $500 per month for doing absolutely nothing. At this time, the project is being funded with private funds, most likely to circumvent a taxpayer revolt. The spending habits of these families will be monitored, as well as the impact on the families’ (are ready for this?) self-esteem!

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How to Save Money on A Disney World Vacation

For many families, the annual trek to Orlando is the event they look forward to all year long. Did you know that the average cost for a family of four to visit Disney World for four days can now reach almost $5,000? Imagine what a whole week would cost! In this blog, we tell you how to save a little money on your Disney vacation.

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In One Man's Lifetime

Small town 1950s Wisconsin was pretty much like the mythical Mayfield, or perhaps even Mayberry, where doors were unlocked, and Deputy Fife kept his single bullet in his shirt pocket, “just in case.” Depending on the season, in the trunk of my car was either a set of golf clubs or a hunting rifle. In the ignition (where it belonged) was the key.

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Variable Speeding Fines - Really?

Every so often a new cry emerges to change the way we assess civil fines for breaking speed limits and other “offenses” against our society. Some vocal people (often elected officials looking to generate revenue for their communities) want to implement a system of penalty fines that is variable according to the income of the offender.

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Adam Van Wie Quoted in Fit Small Business

Our very own Adam Van Wie was recently quoted in Fit Small Business Magazine: "The most basic way to improve a personal credit score is to not allow yourself to get into a situation where you can’t make a payment on a bill..."