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Annuities Inside Retirement Accounts?

There is a proposal running around the halls of Congress to allow the use of annuities within ERISA-covered Retirement Accounts, including 401(k), 403(b), and traditional Profit Sharing accounts, which today cannot hold traditional annuities.

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Market Acrophobia

Acrophobia, according to the reliable website Dictionary.com, means “a pathological fear of heights.” While we are not necessarily qualified to call what is being felt among many investors today “pathological,” we are certainly qualified to understand the fear we see and hear from clients, friends and radio callers. It is the fear that the market is so high that it is dangerous to stay invested, lest a crash is right around the corner.

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RMD Timing Strategy

This question came from a radio listener, and it proved very interesting. Setting the stage, the question was, essentially, “In a market such as this (rising), is it better to take the entire RMD early in the year, late in the year, or spread out along the way?”

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Stock Market 2017 - Wow!

Aren’t you glad now that we didn’t pay attention to the media in 2016, as they whined for weeks about the Armageddon a Trump presidency would wreak on the economy and the market should he be elected?