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Can Your Social Security be Garnished?

Today’s subject, garnishment of Social Security, is a particularly touchy subject. Far too many American seniors are totally dependent on Social Security for their financial independence. For those people, taking all or part of their monthly benefit would assure that they became wards of the State. Fortunately, Federal and State laws have considered that very possibility.

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Should We Tax Wealth in America?

Government costs money; therefore, it must take in revenue. Governments have three ways to raise money; taxes, sales of assets, and a printing press. Every American has a stake in this country, and most people pay taxes of some sort. We all appreciate some of the ways the government spends our tax money, and we all resent some of the ridiculous ways some of our tax money is squandered.

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The 0% Financing Trap

Have you ever received an offer for zero percent interest to finance a large purchase at a store? One of those deals where you have a year to pay it off, and if you do, there will not be any finance charges? Sounds great right? Well, it is great, right up until you miss the fine print and they charge you interest on the entire amount financed at the end of the financing period.

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All the Gold in California Went Where?

People are fleeing California in droves, and they are taking their businesses (and their gold) with them to Nevada, Texas, Florida, and the like. As businesses and wealthy individuals leave, prosperity in California decreases, one “paper cut” at a time. These losses add up; and in fact, they compound. The exodus will eventually prove financially deadly.

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Ignore It And It Will Go Away

According to a consumer research firm, people who are confronted with daunting financial tasks tend to use the time-tested method of attacking them: running away. This is not an ideal strategy.