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Cryptocurrency: Investment or Speculation?

Everywhere you turn these days, Bitcoin seems to be the hot topic of conversation. It’s on all the news stations, dominates the internet headlines, and being talked about by all sorts of people who really don’t understand it. Included in that last group is me. It is a difficult concept to wrap your head around with new and exciting technology behind it that has far-reaching potential.

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Tax “Cuts” – I Will Not Be Silent!

You have been bombarded lately on every form of media, and from all sides of the political spectrum, with the topic du jour in Washington, D.C. being the so-called “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.” Each side is misguided for different reasons, but each side is wrong. You, the affected taxpayers, are being lied to by all sides. I am your advocate, and as such I will not go quietly into the night!

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Bad Advice is Everywhere

Have you received bad advice? How much did you pay for it? Was it worth the price, even if free? Hot stock tips, new trendy restaurants, the best movies, tax tips – all are readily available from people with little or no qualifications to be advising on the subject.

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The Real Cost of Cutting the Cord

Did you know that the average cable bill in this country is over $103 per month, and has risen an average of 8-10% per year over the last 7 years? That is just the average, some people pay a lot more than that. It’s not surprising that consumers are looking at other options when it comes to watching television. There are a lot of ways to cut the cord, but can any of them actually save you money while providing a comparable viewing experience?

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"Tax Cuts" From the Senate

Washington, D.C. hypocrisy was on full display AGAIN last week, releasing the so-called Tax Cut and Jobs Act, Senate style. There are differences between the Senate Bill and the House Bill, to be sure, but distinctions? Not so much! They are two versions of what I call The Big Lie.

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"Tax Cut" Reality Check

President Trump had a major goal of cutting taxes. I applauded that idea, because it has worked every time it has been tried. People would be better off, the economy would grow, and government revenues would increase through economic growth.