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Too Rich To Retire?

“I can’t afford to retire.” How many times have we heard that line? Too often to count, and generally for the same (good) reason. But in our business, you can expect the unusual, and we recently heard a classic.

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Student Loan Fraud or Government Fraud?

In January of this year, in news that surprised almost nobody, the CFPB, which is a part of the federal government, along with the Illinois and Washington attorneys general, sued Navient, the nation’s largest provider of student loan servicing.

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Words Have Lost Their Meaning

In today’s media, assisted by politicians and others, the real meaning of many words is being lost. Separate words are often merged into a single usage, meant to obscure the difference (bend the truth).

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Five Big Mistakes Investors Make

Today I'm talking about BIG mistakes. The kind of mistakes that will actually affect the lifestyle you have in retirement, the way you pay for your kids college, or the price of the house you can buy.