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Looking Back: Then And Now

This was written (by me) nearly 2 years ago: September 11, 2016, 6:30 A.M. It was 15 years ago the world as we knew it changed forever. At least I wish it were forever. I remember where I was, and if you are old enough to be listening to this show, I’ll pretty much guarantee that you do, too. What did we learn from this, and what should we learn from the time since?

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Is the Dow Still Relevant?

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is probably the best known index for tracking the United States stock market. However, there are a few things about the Dow Jones that make it less than a perfect representation, and dare we say it, an irrelevant index.

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I Guess It Really Is Good Out There!

How good is it out there? It is so good that the New York Times (no friend of this Administration) actually published this sub-headline regarding the job market; “We Ran Out of Words To Describe How Good It Is.”

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Small Business - More Help on the Way?

On a recent Van Wie Financial Hour, and also in a recent Blog, we have discussed the topic of small business financing for startup and growth. Years ago, money was plentiful, entrepreneurs were able to fund their startups from individuals or local banks, and regulations favored growth and expansion for small businesses. Over time, regulations have become more onerous, startups diminished, and a large portion of entrepreneurial spirit has gone unsatisfied.

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Another Scam; More Prevention

We have reported on hundreds of scams over the years, but they rarely directly affect people we actually know. That changed (again) this past week, when I was notified that a scammer had attempted to write a large check against our own personal Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC). Fortunately, in this case the financial institution was alert, noticed an unusual spending pattern, and contacted me immediately. We were able to immediately stop the transaction from clearing our account.

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How to Save 2X Your Salary by Age 35

Recently, there was massive backlash on Twitter after an article ran on Marketwatch stating that you should have twice your yearly income saved by the time you are 35. This backlash got us thinking about the practicality of this advice. Was this goal even possible, and what would it actually take to accomplish it?

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Small Business Funding: Where Does it Come From?

his week on the Van Wie Financial Hour radio show, we had a guest from Cincinnati who has such an interesting career that we asked him to share his insight with our listeners. Craig Beachler is an “Angel Investor,” which means that he provides capital to small businesses and startups, when customary lending institutions won’t make those loans.