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More Breathing Room for 2020 RMDs

Most Americans are aware that IRS suspended Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) from Tax-Deferred Retirement Accounts, including IRAs, 401(k)s, etc. for calendar year 2020. Some taxpayers will be fortunate enough to have their marginal tax brackets reduced, saving even more in current taxes, and/or reducing next year’s Medicare costs.

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Borrow Money to Invest?

In times like this, we hear from people who are contemplating borrowing against their homes to invest the proceeds in the market, hopefully pocketing returns in excess of the borrowing rate. Investors need to understand some basic principles before making rational decisions regarding this concept.

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Tax Day 2020 – Opportunities Remain Available

This years’ COVID-19 inspired Filing Day is coming on July 15, along with all the incumbent hassles and inconveniences of this national nightmare. Americans can’t avoid facing up to our responsibilities, but opportunities do exist between now and then to help us help ourselves financially.

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A “Nice Little Tax Break” for 2020

Americans are very generous people, with millions of Americans making annual contributions to qualified charities. For this year only (so far, anyway) any taxpayer is allowed to deduct the first $300 of qualified charitable donations made during the tax year.

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A Better Economic Stimulus Proposal

We are at a period in time when Congress and the American People must be made to understand that our current approach to Economic Recovery is killing the patient. Spending our way to prosperity is not the answer, as it is impossible.

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“Payroll Tax Holiday” – Stimulus or Pariah?

During economically stressed times, the subject of “economic stimulus” plays a prominent role among inevitable political arguments. Whether the general public agrees with Washington’s elected officials is of little consequence, as Washington will inevitably do what Washington does – print money (electronically) and throw it around.

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Dividends vs. Total Return Investing

Investors often get too hung up on what an asset yields, as opposed to what the asset returns. Total return is the only type of return that matters in many cases. Don't make this costly mistake in your portfolio.