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A Viral Dilemma

As Americans, we are guaranteed certain freedoms by our Constitution including the incorporated Bill of Rights. Among those rights are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. These encompass our right to patronize public establishments that we enjoy. Usurping those freedoms cannot be taken lightly, as once governments assume new and dangerous powers, if left unopposed, those governments will utilize their newfound powers again and again.

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“Goldilocks” Time for Real Estate?

The national inventory of homes for sale is currently tight. Price appreciation generally results from scarcity, so conditions are likely to change relatively soon. Current conditions are providing an opening for anyone thinking of selling and/or buying a new or used home at a reasonable price, and with excellent financing terms. It is a "Goldilocks" market for both buyers and sellers. Not too hot, and not too cold; it is "just right."