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Open Letter to Investors After a Rough Day

Let’s look at some of the media hype surrounding this normal market pause. How many of you think that DJIA 26,000 is a brand new phenomenon? Would you believe that we first achieved that milestone on January 17, 2018? Look it up if you need to, in order to feel better.

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Is your 401(k) Failing You, or Vice Versa?

You may have heard advertising lately claiming that “Wall Street 401(k)s have failed.” Why is this claim being made, and on what is it based? It is a strange conclusion to draw here in the 10th year of the second-longest Bull Market in history.

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Free to Freeze

Identity theft is more common today than ever before. Credit monitoring is great, but it only helps AFTER something bad has happened. How are we supposed to prevent identity theft?

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“Financial Advisors” Selling Fear Go the Next Mile

You have all heard and read the market doomsday prophets, but lately they are taking their pitch to a new level. The headlines are enough to send chills down your spine. “Market Crash Inevitable, or “Next Market Meltdown,” or even “Trump Will End the Dollar as We Know It,” ad nauseum. What do they have in common? They profess to have “The Answer,” and for an annual fee (or a huge commission,) they will share their survival secret with you. Just send money.

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The Great Unbanked

It is hard to imagine life without a bank account in the modern world. However, you might be surprised to learn that as much as 7% of American households do not have a bank account. Who are these people? Why don’t they have a bank account of some kind?