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A Little About The Van Wie Financial Hour

Every Saturday morning we are in the radio studio at WBOB at 10:00 for an hour of what we hope is educational fun for you, the listeners.  We call it the Van Wie Financial Hour.  We know that some of you are familiar with various types of call-in radio shows, but to many others this format may be new.  Most live, call-in shows are politically-oriented, including some that purport to be about other topics.  We try very hard to remain on financial topics, although to a certain extent politics and your money overlap of necessity.

We say on the show that not all financial radio shows are created equal.  Many (or perhaps most) are pre-recorded, meaning that you, the listener, have no say in the topics of the day.  Further, most hosts are selling something, such as annuities or life insurance, and they are making promises that are deceptive, untrue, and unregulated.  We are different, in that:         

  • We are regulated by the State of Florida and the SEC, and cannot make unsubstantiated promises;
  • We are local, with an office in Jacksonville Beach, Florida;
  • We are live from the studio every week, whereas most shows are “canned” and sent into various stations from other locations;
  • Our phone lines are always open during the show (904)-222-TALK (or 222-8255);
  • We always place callers ahead of every other priority;
  • We have absolutely no products to sell, as we are a fee-only financial planning and asset management firm;
  • We are a father/son team, both on the air and in the office;
  • Both of us have professional qualifications, technical undergraduate degrees, and MBAs;
  • We avoid, to the extent possible, off-topic discussions, including politics and religion;
  • We have over 14 years of radio experience in financial talk radio;
  • We have decades of private-sector experience in small business, Fortune 500 companies, and personally-owned enterprises;
  • In our daily business, we meet with clients and potential clients as a team, and at no additional cost to clients;
  • We believe that our age differential provides an industry-unique wide-ranging viewpoint and ability to communicate effectively with all generations.

In addition to client referrals and word-of-mouth, the Van Wie Financial Hour is an avenue of exposure for our fee-only advisory firm.  But, that is secondary to our primary goal, which is to educate and inform listeners.  Personal Financial Planning is no longer taught in most schools, and we believe that an educated investor is a responsible investor.

What about you, the listener?  The highest and best use (a real estate term) for the time we have together is to talk with you, rather than to you.  Research tells us that only a small percentage of listeners ever call a radio show, but the same research assures us that it is the live phone calls that are the most interesting and educational features of the show.  We strive to provide callers with the best information and suggestions that we know.  However, some questions require further investigation, and we will follow up with these callers to provide an answer, or to suggest a resource for their own follow-up.

Listeners may also get questions answered by submitting their questions to us through email to: info@vanwiefinancialhour.com, which is available through our website, www.vanwiefinancial.com.  Call us at the office (904-685-1505), or please ask us a question on the radio (904-222-8255) – your fellow listeners will love it.