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Dinosaurs Among Us

It is difficult to find a dinosaur these days, unless you are in Washington, D.C. or in America’s financial advisory offices. In the financial advisory world, we’d like to think that dinosaur days are numbered, similar to their prehistoric ancestors.

Today’s dinosaurs are the financial people who continue to treat women as less educated, less finance-oriented, less wealthy, and less powerful than their male counterparts. We see and hear this complaint frequently in our office from new clients and first-time visitors. With the growing body of evidence underscoring the folly of such behavior, it seems remarkable that these stories still abound.

Now, a new study confirms what we have so often heard. According to Financial Advisor Magazine, 80% of American women will at some point be responsible for their own finances and investing, due to deaths, divorces, and preferences. 70% of widows change advisors within 1 year of “taking the helm.” In our opinion, this shows that our profession is littered with antiquated attitudes. Why else would the attrition rate be so high?

We also understand that some women would rather work with a female advisor, and we do not consider that sexist, or even unusual. Yet, the profession is largely male. Van Wie Financial has a large percentage of female clients. We believe that this reflects our attitude and professionalism. We encourage anyone, male or female, to visit us at the office and make a decision. Appointments are easily scheduled through our website, vanwiefinancial.com, or by phone at 904.685.1505.

The initial meeting between an advisor and a potential client is called Suitability, and it is a two-way street. At this first meeting, should you not get a comfortable feeling, the relationship should not go forward. If it feels like the dinosaur’s den, run, don’t walk.

Antiquated advisors (dinosaurs) are good for our business. While they often leave a bad taste in the potential client’s mouth, more often than not, the comparison helps Van Wie Financial.

Van Wie Financial is fee-only.  For a reason.