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Islamophobia Phobia

In November it happened in the air over Egypt, and later it was on the ground in Paris, France.  In December it happened in San Bernardino, California.

In January it will happen in …. (fill in the blank)?

What did we know beforehand?  Quite a lot, as we are still finding out from the days of leaking information bits and bytes.

What did we do?  We reacted.  Hard and fast.  Within hours of the downed plane, the bomb planters were being routed out and identified in the airports, where the employees had unfettered access to the baggage area.  Within even fewer hours, the Paris terrorists were brought in by authorities, even across International borders.  And within even fewer hours, the California attackers were identified and killed on the streets of San Bernardino.

This is more than vaguely reminiscent of 9/11, when the terrorists were identified in what I would call record time.  Too quickly, it seems, to have started from scratch.

How did we learn so much, so fast?  That’s NOT the main question.

A far better question is, why wasn’t preventative action taken in advance of the crimes actually being perpetrated?  It strains credulity to believe that most, if not all, of the attackers, were not “on the radar” of authorities. Yet, until they took action, nothing was done to impede their sinister plots.

The public is admonished to help identify problems, but we seldom do.  Contrary to the popular slogan, our new national motto now apparently reads, “Even if you see something, say nothing.”

Greg Gutfeld from Fox News recently described this American phenomenon as “Islamophobia Phobia,” or the fear that if you report the activities of a Muslim, you will be branded a Muslim-hater and a racist.  So we sit like the 3 famous monkeys, and we “see no evil, speak no evil, and hear no evil.”

Until the terrorists strike, and innocent people die.

I am now an official “older person,” described as one on Medicare and collecting Social Security.  So, I’ve seen a lot.  And I can tell you the day that the world started its long descent into the politically-correct abyss.  It was the day the Clinton’s were officially brought into the public lives of otherwise innocent Americans.  We all suddenly learned the term, and then we were supposed to learn the language of the “PC.”

An already bloated bureaucracy has only one primary task when confronted with an enormous threat – public safety.  Resultant spending increases at the Federal Level are combined with new burdens at the state and local level.  New taxes are inevitable.  And with new taxes come lesser take-home pay.  The spiral always comes back to you – the individual.  Ultimately there is no other source for the funds.

What can, and what should we do as conscientious Americans?  Day by day, pay attention.  You’ve been around.  You know what normal looks like.  And you certainly can see when something is way out of kilter. 

Don’t stay silent.  Don’t fear the PC police.  It’s the regular uniformed police that could save your life; not some elected politician.

But consider the long-term effects on your investments.  What areas show long-term promise in a dangerous world?  Guns and ammo, cyber security, aerospace and defense, personal safety, house alarms, training classes, long-term provisioning; those are just a few of possibilities for long-term growth.  There are many more.

Hiding your head in the sand will make you a boring and dull person.  Doing the same with your investments will have similar results for your money.  Consider a part of your portfolio for investments in a safer world.

Embrace the new society as we know it.  You don’t have to like the changes; I certainly don’t.  Be vocal and think long-term.  You can hardly go wrong.

Which brings me to the Trump phenomenon.  This is in no way an endorsement for Trump, or anyone else for that matter.  I merely seek to understand why this unlikeliest event is unfolding right before our eyes.

Back to the PC police.  Who among all the candidates can be seen as non-PC?  Some are learning slowly, but Trump came out of the gate at a full non-PC gallop.  In fact, one of my earliest comments to my wife as Trump was announcing was, “He is willing to call the baby ugly.”

We have been through much; too many deaths, too much money, too everything that we detest.  And we are shamed into saying nothing.  With a net worth reported around $10 Billion, Trump doesn’t care.  Whether the baby is ugly, the immigration policy promotes terrorists coming here, the Federal Debt is too large – all are issues he will address directly.

I find it refreshing.  Apparently, so do an increasing number of Americans.