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NYT Article - Small Business 401Ks

Last week, we got an email from a New York Times reporter who had seen a blog post Adam had written on small business retirement plans.  As many of you know, Adam has been discussing various small business plans on the radio show for the past few weeks, and has then blogged about them on our website.  Apparently the reporter found the site, liked what she saw, and asked us to comment on a story she was writing about some start-up companies that are creating 401k plans for small businesses!  

Needless to say, I was happy to provide my thoughts, so we scheduled a time last week and did a phone interview on the topic. Last night, the story went out online.  The local print edition did not have it this morning, but I am keeping my eyes open for it.  The article can be found here: nyti.ms/1Ji8vtM.

We hope you enjoy the article!  Don't forget to tune into News Talk FM100.3 and AM600 on Saturday morning at 10 AM ET to listen to the Van Wie Financial Hour live in the Jacksonville market.  If you aren't in Jacksonville, you can always listen live on wbobradio.com or on TuneIn Radio.