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Messiah for Hunger Fight

If you listen to our radio show, you probably head Larry call in about his Messiah for Hunger Fight. If you are interested in attending or would like to donate, please click this link.

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Financial Lessons from the Election

Many politically-oriented investors were personally disappointed, as neither side achieved a sweeping victory. Yet market euphoria reigned for a full trading session, as investors were secure in their knowledge that nothing of consequence would happen with a divided Congress.

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Don’t Be “Too Nice” to Your Kids

“I want to be good to my children, so I am adding them to the deed to the house.” We hear it in the office, on the radio show, in emails, and during phone calls, and it is almost always well-intentioned. Many times, however, what sounds like a nice idea is actually a detriment to the financial futures of both parents and children. An understanding of IRS rules can prevent costly errors from being made. Generally speaking, once the error has been made, there are no “do-overs.”

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Misreporting the Trump Economy (Again)

Apparently, some of the President’s critics are not terribly happy about this revelation, as evidenced by the above-captioned headline. One of Trump’s main economic targets is to narrow the trade deficit. In Q3 that did not happen, as imports outpaced exports by an increased margin. Ipso facto, they imply that Trump is failing in his attempts to balance international trade.

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Open Letter to Investors After a Rough Day

Let’s look at some of the media hype surrounding this normal market pause. How many of you think that DJIA 26,000 is a brand new phenomenon? Would you believe that we first achieved that milestone on January 17, 2018? Look it up if you need to, in order to feel better.

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Is your 401(k) Failing You, or Vice Versa?

You may have heard advertising lately claiming that “Wall Street 401(k)s have failed.” Why is this claim being made, and on what is it based? It is a strange conclusion to draw here in the 10th year of the second-longest Bull Market in history.

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Free to Freeze

Identity theft is more common today than ever before. Credit monitoring is great, but it only helps AFTER something bad has happened. How are we supposed to prevent identity theft?