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Investing for Beginners – Step 4 (Managing Expectations)

Today, we are examining expectations among investors. This may be the most controversial subject we have discussed to date. Many an investor is unhappy today because of his or her unreasonable expectations. Having an understanding of long-term investment returns and principles may save a lot of future headaches.

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Investing for Beginners – Step 3

“How” to include more Asset Classes in a portfolio requires an understanding of some basic mathematical principles. In this case, the term in the spotlight is “correlation.” When two variables move together, they are called “correlated.”

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Investing for Beginners – Getting Started

The purpose of this introduction is to provide a “how-to” for (mostly young) people who have never invested in the stock and bond markets. Van Wie Financial has 2 goals – protecting novice investors from unscrupulous brokers and insurance salespeople, and maximizing beginners’ probabilities for long-term success.

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Joe Biden vs. Your 401(k)

The U.S. Government realized many decades ago that too many Americans were not properly preparing for a financial future in retirement. Social Security was never intended to be the source of all retirement income. The traditional Pension Plan was neither universal nor financially secure due to underfunding.

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Types of Investors/Clients

On September 12th, 2020, Adam went over the different types of investors on the weekly radio show. For those of you who missed it, here are the different types of investors Adam mentioned!

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A Tale of Two Tax Plans for 2021

While Biden’s individual and corporate tax plan is out in some detail, Trump’s overall plan contains only generalities so far. Yet, a clear choice is presented, due to the fundamental approach taken by the two proposals. The former plan increases taxes on people and corporations, and the latter reduces taxes for nearly everyone. Take a preliminary look at the differences.

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How Much Would “Free” Medicare Cost?

Being the political season, some Presidential hopefuls are consistently misleading potential voters by making impossible promises. Among the most egregious is, “free healthcare for all,” which is touted in various boastful campaign promises.