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Ten Reasons You May Want to Talk to a Financial Advisor

Remember to look for a good fee-only financial planner when you decide the time is right.  We have no products to sell you, we don't make commissions, and we have a fiduciary duty to our clients. 

10) You have concerns if you are investing your money wisely.  Are you taking enough risk?  Are you taking too much risk?  Do you know what financial risk is?

9) You have just left a job, and you have a 401K, but have no idea what to do with it.

8) You have kids.  Lets face it kids, complicate everything in life, and your finances are no exception.  Kids mean added expenses, college funds, just paying for the shoes that they grow out of every 6 months.

7) You are thinking about retirement.  No matter if you are 30 or 64, you need to start planning for your retirement.  Have you started planning?

6) You have assets that you want to protect.  You have worked all your life, accumulated a nice nest egg, and now you want to make sure that nothing can take that away from you.  What are the steps you need to take? Insurance? A trust?

5) You have an estate that you would like to leave to your heirs without paying estate taxes or passing through probate.  Probate can tie up assets for months and even years.  Estate taxes, while not a concern for most of us, are something high net-worth people really need to plan for.

4) You either bought or are considering a financial product, and you are not sure you fully understand what it is.  Is it an annuity, life insurance, or maybe you have no clue.  It sounded great at the time...

3) Turbotax isn’t cutting it for your tax situation any more.  Did you start a business, buy rental property, receive an inheritance, or just generally feel like your tax situation has gotten complicated?  We are not CPAs, but we can help you make decisions during the year to ease your tax burden.

2) You need help setting your financial goals.  You have goals for your career, goals for where you want to live, goals for weight loss.  But what is your goal for your savings?  If you don’t have one, you should.  A good financial planner can help you with the goal setting process.

1) If you feel overwhelmed by the number of investment choices out there, and have no idea how to pick the best ones.  Do you know the difference between stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, index funds, REITs, and hedge funds?  If not, a good financial planner can help.