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The Top 5 Financial Podcasts

If you are not familiar with podcasting, you should be. The world of digital media has changed the way we get our information, and one of the best new ways to get it is via podcast.  A podcast is a digital media file that is downloaded to your personal device such as a phone, ipod, ipad, computer, or anything else that will play digital media.  The content of the podcast can vary from business and finance to self-help to music to hobbies, and they are usually between 30 minutes and an hour long.  It is a great way to get commercial-free information from a wide variety of sources, and it is available to you when you drive, exercise, sit at work, or even sit at home on the couch.  The most popular ways to get podcasts are from iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud, and Google Play, although there are other places to get them as well.  Personally I use the Podcasts App from the Apple Store to manage and download mine, and I listen to them while I commute and when I exercise. 

If you are interested in finance and economics like I am, there are some really great podcasts out there you might want to check out.  Here are my personal top 5.

5) How I Built This: This podcast talks to entrepreneurs about how they built their companies, and gets all the back stories about the obstacles they faced to get where they are now.  Hosted by Guy Raz, this show really gets into what drives the people who created some of the largest and most recognizable brands on the planet.  The podcast is geared towards entrepreneurs, but will be of interest to anyone who is interested in how recognizable brands got created.

4) HBR Ideacast: This is a weekly podcast put out by the Harvard Business Review that features the leading thinkers in business and management today.  This one is really is geared more towards people who are in management or run their own businesses.  Topics include such things as collaborating across different parts of a business, bringing sanity to the office environment, and problem solving.

3) Planet Money: This weekly show covers a variety of topics in business and economics, and is never the same thing two weeks in a row.  The topics really vary, from how Venezuela got into their current state of near collapse, to how a barrel of oil gets from the ground into the local gas pump. You never know what they are going to cover, but it is always well-presented and interesting. 

2) Freakonomics: This is absolutely one of the best podcasts available today, so much so that as soon as I download a new episode I will put whatever else I was listening to on hold to listen to it.  Steven Dubner is the host, and he covers everything imaginable that an economist could think about, but he does it in a way that makes economics interesting.  I know that sounds like an impossible task, but he really does pull it off.  I promise that if you listen to a couple of episodes of this one, you will be hooked like I am.

1) The Van Wie Financial Hour: Do I really need to say anything about this podcast?  It is hosted by the dynamic father and son team of Steve and Adam Van Wie out of Jacksonville, FL. They cover weekly topics of interest in personal finance, investing, and economics, as well as taking calls from real people who have real life concerns about their finances.  If you haven’t yet checked out the Van Wie Financial Hour Podcast, we highly recommend that you do so as soon as you have a chance.