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Trump: The First 100 Days From an Investment Manager's Perspective

100 days have passed since the most unusual election and inauguration in my memory.  While I don’t take much stock in the 100 day “milestone,” the media and the candidate had both emphasized that particular target date for assessing accomplishments. Depending on where you stand, you may have an opinion that differs from mine.

In my opinion, accomplishments of a new President can be categorized into Social, International, and Economic “buckets.” My main concentration is, of course, the economic, but the others count -- they also affect your personal financial life.

Socially, the main promise was that a Supreme Court Justice would be nominated from a previously-announced list, and then confirmed.  Done.

Internationally, our friends can again trust us, our enemies are aware that there is a proverbial new sheriff in town, and the “in-betweens” are carefully studying the other two. Good start.

Economically, we have a lot to celebrate. Much of President Trump’s economic agenda requires Congressional approval, and that is proving to be difficult; it always is. Results that affect all of us include:

  • New jobs -- hundreds of thousands created
  • Repatriation -- many companies no longer moving offshore; some even coming back
  • TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) cancelled
  • Federal land grabs cancelled by Executive Order
  • Federal land opened for energy exploration
  • Energy independence coming closer (growing reserves, efficiency)
  • Oil and gas production -- drilling and fracking restarted
  • Pipelines being built, including the Keystone XL
  • Tax cuts proposed for all Americans (will pass in some form)
  • Businesses deregulation in many arenas
  • Elimination of the Estate Tax and the AMT proposed
  • Tax cuts for most Americans proposed
  • Drastic tax cuts proposed for business, regardless of number of employees
  • Size of government lessening through attrition
  • Cost of contracts for Air Force 1 and military plane orders reduced

There are more accomplishments, and they were badly needed. The results can be seen and felt in everyday life and in business. Many people are happier (protesters and “media talking heads” excepted), consumer and business confidence are at record highs, and the stock market is surging. Investment by both businesses and individuals is climbing.

Imagine, if you can, the next 100 days, when Congress will begin to help, rather than to obstruct, the process and the President. Hopefully, America will truly begin to be “Great Again.”

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