Twofers and Other Bargains

Categories : Financial, News
June 19, 2019

Today’s society is saturated by acronyms, contractions, and verbal shortcuts. Who doesn’t like a good “BOGO” (buy one, get a second one free) or a “Twofer” (two for the price of one)? These are often found in grocery stores and general retailers, but have you ever heard of a “Twofer” for financial planning services?

Several years ago, Adam and I started a new financial planning organization, Van Wie Financial, modeled on our collective business experience. Business School students and graduates use a lot of buzz-words these days, and one of them is “best practices.” That is exactly what we set out to do with Van Wie Financial.

Business startups can be tedious and difficult, but they present a perfect opportunity to “get it right the first time.” That was our goal in forming Van Wie Financial and the Van Wie Financial Hour radio program. Starting a service business means finding a way to provide top quality services that provide actual value. Being a boutique family business in a big industry dictates differentiating ourselves from others, many of which are large and high-profile.

Aside from the natural advantage of being an educated and qualified father-son team, we decided to operate the business as a “Twofer.” This means that all clients of the firm are handled by both of us, from the initial meeting through what we hope will be years of an ongoing business relationship. They are our clients, not “Adam’s clients” or “Steve’s clients.”

While our business structure provides an obvious value to clients, it also provides them with a viewpoint fashioned through different experiences, over a varied time frame. Generational outlooks are not always identical, so we blend our knowledge and experiences into a customized approach for any particular client’s situation.

Van Wie Financial has been very successful, which reflects the thought and planning that went into its creation. We are proud to say that about 35% of our clients are single women and female-controlled accounts. Some are widows, some divorced, some single, and others happily married while being in charge of the financial aspects of life. All are comfortable with their business relationship with Van Wie Financial.

Anyone seeking a long-term association with a financial advisor should consider getting a “Twofer.” Check out our website, “” or give us a call at (904) 685-1505 to discuss our services. After all, doesn’t everyone love a “Twofer?"

Van Wie Financial is fee-only. For a reason.