Veterans’ Aid & Attendance Program

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November 27, 2018

Americans recently celebrated Veterans’ Day, the annual day for recognizing everyone who has ever worn the uniform of the U.S. Armed Forces. 2018 has been a year of focus regarding Veterans’ benefits, and we have uncovered a little-known benefit that will render needed assistance to certain veterans and their spouses.

The need for Long-Term Care is prevalent throughout society, but is especially keen in the ranks of military veterans’ families. In an ideal world, Long-Term Care expenses would be paid by every individual’s personal Long-Term Care insurance (LTCi) policy. Alas, we do not live in an ideal society, and most seasoned citizens cannot afford costly premiums for individual policies.

For many veterans and their families, help is on the way, in the form of the Veterans’ Aid and Attendance Improved Pension Program (“A & A”). It is named because it kicks in when a veteran of wartime requires the aid and attendance of another person in order to live his or her daily life. Benefits provided are tax-free additional pension payments for the life of the Vet and/or spouse. Although the A & A program has been around for a while, it is relatively obscure and seldom advertised.

What is A & A and do you qualify? Here are some of the qualification requirements and available benefits:

  • Must have reached age 65, and be qualified both medically and financially
  • Must require assistance with the Activities of Daily Living, or ADLs
  • Must have less than $80,000 in assets, excluding home and vehicles
  • Must have had 90 days of active duty, 1 day beginning or ending during a period of War, as determined by the U.S. Government
  • Spouses married at the time of death of the Vet, also qualify (with no age restriction)
  • Monthly tax-free benefits range from $1,149 to $2,837, and continue for life
  • Benefits cover in-home care as well as nursing home care

While the aid and Assistance program is great benefit, qualified recipients are limited. But if you believe that you might qualify, more information is available locally through the National Association of Veterans & Families (NAVF). They can be reached at 904-394-3904 or online at

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